How to Become a Software Developer

How to Become a Software Developer

A software developer creates applications and programs that allow you to use your computer to complete tasks.  You use programs created by developers every day without much thought of what went into creating the program.  Word processing or spreadsheets are examples of programs.  Everyday people with no coding skills use programs created by software developers.  Let’s look at what a software developer does and how to become a software developer. There are some people that have no development skills and are able to develop mobile apps.

What a Developer Does

Software developers create custom programs based on a user’s need, they also test and deploy the program.  Part of the development team will create documentation for software so that they user can understand how to use the software.  They will also maintain and upgrade the software as needed.  Developers usually work in teams all of them with backgrounds in programming.  The team works together to create programs and informational systems that benefit the organization.  Going back to word processing or spreadsheets programs, Microsoft has massive teams of developers to bring new versions of Office to the market.

Specialized Developers

There are some developers who choose to specialize; these are the developers who build apps for your smart phone or the ones who work exclusively in the gaming industry.  They work in all kinds of different fields outside of just developing software programs.  Things like control systems also require developers to work on the project.

Becoming a Software Developer

If you want to become a software developer you’re going to need at least a Bachelor’s degree.  Many developers have degrees in computer science or information systems.  They are taught how to use a variety of computer languages, tools and platforms to help create custom software applications.  Sometimes a developer has some specialized knowledge of the field they work in, an example would be developers who work with law enforcement or in the medical field. For instance there are some developers that have a solid mobile app design.

To be a developer you need to be very analytical, you will be doing plenty of testing and writing and re-writing of code.  You need to be able to be very logical and have great reasoning skills since programming is often a complex solution to a problem.  You will likely start your career working with a team until you can establish yourself eventually getting more responsibility.  If you’re looking for a google maps app then you should be looking at Google Maps Developers at Atmo.

Software developers are very well compensated and it can be a lucrative career to pursue.  It is also demanding with an attention to detail requiring discipline.  Is software development for you?